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Sergio Redegalli’s passion for creating artwork was the reason he began Cydonia in 1986. Sergio’s works are displayed in various cities and regions around the world and have received tremendous recognition from other artists and the public for their sophisticated and intricate designs, individuality and craftsmanship. ‘Cascade’ was featured at World Expo in Brisbane in 1988. It is the world’s largest freestanding glass sculpture – a glass wave assembled from glass sheets nearly three metres high and weighing 12 tonnes. It now sits above two terraces of flowing water in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. ‘Enlightenment’ was designed and produced in 1998. In creating this sculpture, Sergio’s aim was to create a work of art that captures all the strength and power of the human spirit. This enigmatic piece hangs suspended in open space at the St John of God Hospital in Perth and captivates the observer with its majestic presence. Cydonia’s commissioned sculptures and artworks will transform any workplace or home. There are no limits.

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