Cydonia is the dream of artist Sergio Redegalli whose passion for glass art was kindled by the Australian revival of glass art in the seventies and eighties. Sergio had delved into the world of glass art in his teens and knew that his destiny lay within it. While studying visual arts and industrial design in high school, Sergio began using Perspex for his work. At university, he progressed from Perspex as a material that was almost perfect for his visions, to one that was perfect – glass. It was also at university that Sergio learned of his predecessor in the revival of glass art, Maureen Cahill, who started the first University art glass department in Australia at Sydney College of the Arts in the mid 1970’s. Under her mentorship, Sergio learned all of the basics of glass techniques. On finishing university, Sergio began working towards creating Cydonia. His dream materialised when in 1986, he established Cydonia the Glass Studio, providing original and ground breaking artistic designs and creations. After moving to a larger building in 1992, Cydonia became one of the biggest and best-equipped studios of its kind. It retains this position today.

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